The office has a specialized and robust legal body

Performance and Excellence

In order to attain excellence in the performance of its activities, relies on a solid legal team, highly specialized and permanently up to date, besides a high level technological infrastructure that guarantees extreme quality control of the information.

Each signed contract receives specialized handling, so that the philosophy of each client blends with that of the Firm, allowing the objectives and expectations to be met. Multidisciplinary teams are routinely constituted for the analyses and handling of each case, involving lawyers with different specializations and levels of experience, providing the client not only with the best service but also with in-depth technical knowledge and the best strategy.

In order to neutralize risks, control flows have been created and are constantly improved, allowing strict control of the internal and procedural deadlines, which contribute to both the organization of the legal team and its clients.

Together with the control system, periodically conducts audits across its entire portfolio, ensuring the provision of updated information to its clients in an organized and timely manner, with accurate data on the progress of processes and procedures, provisions, and classification of the probability of success.

Furthermore, while constantly searching for the complete satisfaction of its clients’ needs, mc relies on its partnership with renown firms, which allows it to operate within the entire national territory.