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Marcos da Costa

The leading figure the firm is that of the attorney Dr. Marcos da Costa, holder of a solid professional and academic trajectory. His legal experience had repercussions in the elaboration of bills of law, of which the most important are: the preliminary draft of the Bankruptcy Law, published in the D.O.U of March 27, 1992; the preliminary draft of the OAB-SP Law, converted in the Bill of Law nº 1.589/99 of the Chamber of Deputies, which requires the registration of users by the providers of computer network access services, including internet, obliging the providers to keep registers of their users, and data referring to every transaction performed by the provider, in order to solve the problem of user identification in cases of wrongful use of the informatics network, committed also by hackers and crackersco.

Among his various academic activities, he was Professor of Digital Law at the Fundação Getulio Vargas – GVPEC-SP and frequently attends legal events and congresses as a speaker. He authored and co-authored various books and legal articles, besides having given innumerous courses and talks in faculties, institutes, associations and courts of law, on a large number of topics in the legal sphere. His curriculum is replete of titles and honors, received for his relevant service to the legal class.

The office relies on a team of specialized attorneys, with different levels of experience and highly qualified for the analysis and handling of the specific needs of every client, having as goals not only the delivery of an excellent service, but the presentation of solutions and strategies in the various areas of Business Law, in all the judicial and administrative courts.

The professional services are being carried out under the supervision of its founder, Dr. Marcos da Costa, Business Law specialist and President of OAB-SP (2013-2015 and 2016-2018). With extensive experience in the area of Business Law, he always acted on behalf of the medium size and large Brazilian and international companies of all the economic sectors, in the consulting and litigation spheres, especially in complex legal operations, many of which with extensive breadth and repercussions, given the involvement of institutions and class entities. In this sense, he acted as Legal Adviser for FEBRABAN for 9 years (1990-1999) and is currently a member of the Strategic Council of FIESP and of the Legal Council of the Commerce Federation.

Operating jointly with the firms Schalch Sociedade de Advogados and Lucena de Menezes Advogados Associados, both with great experience and recognized history in the handling of complex and notorious issues in the business area, including international matters.

The Marcos da Costa Advogados Associados office is located in a noble region of the city of São Paulo, and its headquarters possess modern installations and infrastructure, such as easy access for its clients.